Solving Common D2L Problems

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Although this page is linked from the course in D2L, that won't help if you can't access D2L!  The page is actually located on a server different from the D2L server so you can access it even if you can't access D2L.  That is, if you have the link!

Try First

The most common D2L issue is using an incompatible device.  Although the current "Brightspace" D2L version in theory allows use from smartphones and tablet computers, the preferred setup is still a desktop or laptop computer using the current version Firefox or Chrome browser (or Safari for an Apple product).  Phones and tablets sometimes give trouble, and the small screen may prevent you from seeing important information or accessing important features.  If you can't make a D2L feature work on your current device, it will probably be necessary to change to the recommended setup.

Dropbox Problems

Dropbox only works if you have first saved your file to a location on your computer that you can find.  You should also close the file from your application (Excel, Word, etc.) so there is no conflict over access to the file by D2L.

If you have an upload problem and get cut off by the assignment due date, leave the file unchanged and upload it to the Miscellaneous dropbox (which is always open).  Also send an explanatory email to the instructor.  You may possibly get credit if it can be ascertained that your file was created prior to the assignment deadline.

Obviously, problems are less likely if you don't wait until the last minute to upload your assignment!

Can't Access D2L?

If you can't access D2L at all:

Technical Support Discussion

If you can access D2L but are having problems, one option is to post a note to the Technical Support discussion.  Anyone (including the instructor) may respond with relevant information, for example, having the same problem; what might fix it; etc.

D2L Support

If none of the above suggestions solves the problem, you can contact D2L support during business hours (8-5 M-F) by email at or call 936-468-1919.  If you can log in, help is available outside of business hours by filling out a form on the D2L home page (lower right under Nights and Weekends).  You may also find helpful information at SFA Online.

Send suggestions for additional tips to Dr. Fisher at the email address linked below.

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Last updated August 20, 2018