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Preface Preface

Logic and proof are two of the most important areas of study for students intending to teach middle or secondary mathematics. The Mathematical Education of Teachers II published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (2012) by the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America emphasizes the need for teachers to understand mathematical reasoning and thinking. Logic and Proof for Teachers is intended for a one-semester course on logic and proof for students intending to teach middle or high school mathematics. The book grew out of a set of notes written by Kimberly M. Childs and Deborah A. Pace for the Foundation of Mathematics course (MTH 300) at Stephen F. Austin State University. During Summer 2019, I converted the notes to PreTeXt and added a chapter on the integers. The open source version of this book has received support from the National Science Foundation (Awards #DUE–1625223 and #DUE–1821329).

Thomas W. Judson
Nacogdoches, Texas 2019